Bread as a Sign

a sermon for the 9th Sunday after Pentecost

There is a story about Second World War that tells of the children who were orphaned. It seems that as the war was coming to a close, the Allied troops gathered as many of the children who had lost their families as they could find, and took them to camps where they could be cared for. The camps provided everything they needed: food, shelter, safety, medicine. But in spite of the excellent care they received, many of the children were so traumatized that they simply could not sleep at night. Then someone came up with the idea to give each child a loaf of bread, not to eat, but to sleep with. Holding their bread, the children were finally able to sleep. It seems that the bread was a sign to those children – a sign that said, “I have eaten today, and will be able to eat again tomorrow.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives the people a sign.

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Blessed Rest

a sermon for the 8th Sunday after Pentecost

The idea of taking time off goes all the way back to creation – sabbath rest was the last thing God created. Or think back to the Ten Commandments: Remember the sabbath and keep it holy. Sabbath time is not just “church time.” It was intended to be a full day each week that God gave strictly for rest. Imagine what that must have sounded like to the former slaves of Egypt – one whole day out of every seven set aside for doing absolutely nothing.

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God’s Deluge of Blessing

a sermon for the 7th Sunday after Pentecost

When you hear the word, “lavish,” what do you think of?  Marketing people use that word a lot to imply abundance and luxury.  We hear of lavish spending or lavish parties.  It’s a word that comes to us from the French language, lavasse, which means a torrent of rain or a deluge.  When someone is giving us lavish praise, it’s more than just a sprinkle, it’s a deluge of praise.  And so, when we hear this word in the letter to the Ephesians, we know that God isn’t just giving us a little bit of love.  It’s a deluge of love, a flood of blessing.  In fact, it reminds us that God is determined bless humanity.

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