Peace, Hope, & Suffering in the Trinity

a sermon for the 1st Sunday after Pentecost (Trinity Sunday)

Jesus told his disciples that there was much more he wanted to tell them, but they weren’t ready, yet.

Perhaps it is less important for us to understand the Trinity than it is to witness the work of God in our midst.

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The Final Word

a sermon for the 7th Sunday of Easter

Final words have special meaning for us. We want to know who’ll have the “final say” in making a decision. And we’ve all been in conversations with that one guy who wants to have “the last word.” And in law, the final words of a dying person can carry special weight.

If you knew you were going away, and that you would never see your friends and family again, what would you say? What would your final words be, and who would you want to say them to?

In today’s readings , we have two examples of final words.

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